FAI Coaches Association – website goes live 2pm tomorrow

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The FAI are delighted to announce the launch of its Coaches Association. The FAI Coaches Association website goes live at 2pm tomorrow Thursday 1st December and coaches will be able to join online at www.fai.ie/coaching

Summary of benefits below:


League & Cup Fixtures 3rd/4th December

Fixtures – 3/4 December 2011

Saturday   3 December
u7 Don’t X the Line
Brookfield a v Liffey Val Jobstown Park 10.15 A O’Reilly
Brookfield b v Ballyowen Jobstown Park 11.00 A O’Reilly
Kingswood v Ashwood Ballymount Park 10.15 D Murphy
Postal Ayles v Knocklyon Andy Moore Park 10.15 P McBrien
Belmont IDLE
8 Div 1
Clonskeagh Cr v Blessington Meadowbrook Park 10.15 M Madani
Liffey Valley v Rathcoole Ballyowen Park 10.15 L Wells
Parkvale v Ashwood Rockbrook School 10.15 S McCahill
Railway   Un v Granada Park Avenue 10.15 J Dowling
Brookfield a IDLE
8 Div 2
Castle Cel v Ballyowen Beechfield Park 10.15 D Clerkin
Firhouse v Beech Park Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 S Nami
Wayside Cel v Donnybrook Jnrs Jackson Park 10.15 B Hudson
Belmont IDLE
9 Div 1
Beechwood a v Granada b Royal Hospital 10.15 S Connolly
Blessington a v Liffey Valley Community College 10.15 R Gillic
Rathcoole a v Kingswood Frank Cox Park 10.15 M Cullen
Wayside Cel a v St James At a Jackson Park 11.00 B Hudson
9 Div 2
Belmont a v Railway Un Herbert Park 10.15 C Finnegan
Brookview Utd v Brookfield St Aidan’s 10.15 M Moore
Granada a v Newtown Rgrs Holly Park 10.15 C Geoghegan
Knockmitten v St James At a Knockmitten Park 10.15 B O’Keeffe
9 Div 3
AFC Belgrave v Wayside Cel b Bluebell Road 10.15 T Shannon
Beechwood b v Donnybrook a Royal Hospital 11.00 S Connolly
Dynamo Dublin v Ashwood Phoenix Park 10.15 J Delaney
Rathcoole b v Blessington b Frank Cox Park 11.00 M Cullen
9 Div 4
Cabinteely   FC v Postal Ayles Kilbogget Park 10.15 C O’Grady
Iveagh Trust v Adamstown Phoenix Park 11.15 J Delaney
Parkvale v Donnybrook b Rockbrook School 11.00 S McCahill
St James Ath c IDLE
9 Div 5
Belmont b v Beech Park Herbert Park 11.00 C Finnegan
Granada c v Firhouse Holly Park 11.00 C Geoghegan
Woods Utd v Rathcoole c Collinstown Park 11.15 T McGuinness
Wayside Cel c IDLE
10 Div 1
Beechwood v Granada a Royal Hospital 11.45 S Connolly
Blessington a v Railway Un a Community College 11.45 R Gillic
Firhouse a v Ardmore Rvrs Firhouse Com Ctr 11.00 S Nami
Wayside Cel a v Newtown Rgrs Jackson Park 11.45 B Hudson
10 Div 2
Ashwood v Brookfield Ashwood Est 10.15 G Nolan
Blessington b v Railway Un b Community College 11.00 R Gillic
Dalkey Utd a v Parkvale a Hyde Park 10.15 J Redmond
Wayside Cel b v Liffey Valley Jackson Park 12.30 B Hudson
Beech Park IDLE
10 Div 3
Ballyowen v Rathcoole a Griffeen Valley 11.00 K Nolan
Granada b v Tymon Cel Holly Park 11.45 C Geoghegan
Parkvale b v Adamstown Rockbrook School 11.45 S McCahill
St James At a v Beechwood b Mt Anville Primary 10.15 P Brennan
10 Div 4
Cabinteely v Rathcoole b Kilbogget Park 11.00 C O’Grady
Dalkey Utd v Donnybrook Jn Hyde Park 11.00 J Redmond
Iveagh Trust v Granada c Phoenix Park 12.00 J Delaney
St James At b v Firhouse b Mt Anville Primary 11.00 P Brennan
Castle Cel IDLE
11 Div 1
Adamstown v Dalkey Utd a Adamstown 10.30 M Abuzakakouk
Firhouse a v Rathcoole Firhouse Com Ctr 11.45 S Nami
Liffey Valley v Granada B OFF
Oatfield v Beechwood a Collinstown Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Granada A IDLE
11 Div 2
Ashwood v Beechwood b Ashwood Est 11.00 G Nolan
Brookfield v Kingswood Jobstown Park 11.45 A O’Reilly
Dalkey Utd b v Granada C Hyde Park 11.45 J Redmond
Greenhills v Railway Un b Greenhills Park 11.45 D Clerkin
Knockmitten v Cabinteely b Knockmitten Park 11.00 B O’Keeffe
Postal Ayles v Dynamo Dublin Andy Moore Park 11.00 P McBrien
11 Div 3
AFC Belgrave v Tymon Cel Bluebell Road 11.00 T Shannon
Beechwood c v Parkvale Royal Hospital 12.30 S Connolly
Belmont v Shankill Herbert Park 11.45 C Finnegan
Brookview Utd v Tymon Bawn St Aidan’s 11.00 M Moore
Cabinteely D v Firhouse b Kilbogget Park 11.45 C O’Grady
Granada E v Granada D Holly Park 12.30 C Geoghegan
Cabinteely C IDLE
11   Tony Palmer Cup round 2
Blessington a v Railway Un a Community College 12.30 R Gillic
St James At a v Beech Park Mt Anville Primary 12.30 P Brennan
11 Paul Stewart Cup round 2
St James At b v Blessington b Mt Anville primary 11.45 P Brennan
12   Marie O’Reilly Cup round 2
Beech Park v Belmont a Griffeen Valley 12.00 T Fitzgerald
Liffey Valley v Blessington b Ballyowen Park 10.30 M Byrd
12 Saturday div 1
Ballyowen Cel v Dalkey Utd a Griffeen Valley 10.30 T Fitzgerald
Beechwood a v Granada c Beech Hill Park 10.15 J Molloy
Railway Un a v Newtown Rgrs Park Avenue 11.00 J Dowling
12 Saturday div 2
Belmont b v Cabinteely b Herbert Park 12.00 J Molloy
Brookview Utd v Beechwood b St Aidan’s 11.45 M Moore
Railway Un b v Woods Utd Park Avenue 12.30 J Dowling
Tymon Bawn v Dalkey Utd b Brady’s Field 10.15 P Meehan
Sunday 4 December
12 Premier
Firhouse a v Rathcoole Firhouse Com Ctr 11.30 A Fleming
Greenhills v Cabinteely a Greenhills Park 11.30 C O’Grady
Leicester a v Postal Ayles Loreto Park 11.30 M Byrd
Park Celtic a v Granada a Cabinteely Park 11.30 M Madani
12 Div 1
Knockmitten v Lakelands Knockmitten Park 10.15 M Cullen
Leicester b v St Francis Loreto Park 10.15 M Byrd
Rangers AFC a v Palmerstown R Bushy Park 10.15 A Carey
Templeogue v Granada b Tymon Park 10.15 L Wells
12 Div 2
Broadford v Dundrum Ath Marlay Park 10.15 K O’Brien
Cabinteely c v Park Celtic b Kilbogget Park 10.15 C Finnegan
Esker Cel v Aungier Cel Hermitage Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Firhouse b v Rangers AFC b Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 A Fleming
Harolds Cross v Blessington a Rosary Park 12.30 P Haybyrne
Knocklyon b IDLE
12   Pat White Cup round 2
Ardmore Rvs v Ashwood FC Ballywaltrim 10.15 Wicklow Ref
Knocklyon a v Shankill FC a Ballycullen Park 10.15 S Nami
u/13 Tom Meehan Premier League
Confey FC v Esker Cel St Catherine’s Park 10.15 M Abuzakakouk
Lakelands a v Cabinteely a Bearna Park 11.30 A Benchenna
Liffey Valley v Clonskeagh Cr Ballyowen Park 12.00 G Nolan
Palmerstown U v Rangers AFC a Glenaulin Park 10.15 G Nolan
Templeogue v Park Celtic a Tymon Park 11.30 L Wells
13 Div 1
Blessington a v Terenure a Crosschapel 10.15 B Coleman
Greenhills v Cabinteely b Greenhills Park 10.15 C O’Grady
Newtown Rgrs v AFC Belgrave Farrell Park 10.15 A O’Reilly
Rangers AFC b v Parkvale a Bushy Park 11.30 M Moore
Postal Ayles v Railway Un OFF
13 Div 2
Ballyowen Cel v Rathcoole Griffeen Valley 10.15 A Castillo
Granada b v Dalkey Utd Meadowvale 10.15 P Brennan
Kingswood v Beech Park Ballymount Park 1.00 D Murphy
Lakelands b v Knockmitten Bearna Park 10.15 A Benchenna
Park Celtic b v Cabinteely c Cabinteely Park 10.15 M Madani
Parkvale b v Terenure b Rockbrook School 10.15 J Molloy
Blessington b v Shankill FC OFF
13   Celtic Horizon Tours Cup round 2
Beechwood FC v Knocklyon Herbert Park 10.15 J Redmond
13   SFAI Troy Cup round 4
Granada v Killavilla Meadowvale 11.30 J Molloy
14 Premier
Cabinteely a v Dalkey Utd a Kilbogget Park 11.30 C Campbell
Firhouse a v Brookfield Firhouse Com Ctr 12.45 A Fleming
Granada a v Park Celtic a Meadowvale 10.15 J Molloy
James United v Ardmore Rvrs Stanaway Park 10.30 P Haybyrne
St James At a v Rangers a St Benildus’ Coll 11.30 B Hudson
Beechwood a IDLE
14 Div 1
Lakelands b v Granada b Leopardstown Park 10.15 K Carolan
Railway Un v Park Celtic b Park Avenue 11.00 A Giriks
Rathcoole v Lakelands a Frank Cox Park 10.15 P Murphy
Shankill A v Beechwood b Shanganagh Park 10.15 I Sheridan
Shankill B v Firhouse b OFF
14 Div 2
Beech Park v Blessington Griffeen Valley 11.45 A Castillo
Cabinteely b v Granada c Kilbogget Park 10.15 C Campbell
Esker Cel v Templeogue Hermitage Park 11.30 T McGuinness
Parkvale v Knockmitten Rockbrook School 11.30 J Molloy
Rangers b v Palmerstown U Bushy Park 10.15 M Moore
St James At b v Kingswood b St Benildus’ Coll 10.15 B Hudson
Dalkey Utd b IDLE
15 Premier
Ardmore Rvrs v Firhouse Ballywaltrim 11.30 Wicklow Ref
Cabinteely a v Broadford Kilbogget Park 1.00 C Campbell
Knocklyon a v Beechwood Ballycullen Park 11.30 S Nami
Knockmitten v Lakelands a Knockmitten Park 11.30 M Cullen
Templeogue v Blessington a Tymon Park 12.45 L Wells
15 Div 1
Cabinteely b v Esker Cel Kilbogget Park 11.30 C Finnegan
Donnybrook v Ballyowen Cel Beech Hill Park 10.15 D Bell
Park Celtic b v Terenure Cabinteely Park 12.45 M Madani
Parkvale b v Lakelands b Rockbrook School 12.45 J Molloy
Rathcoole v Blessington b Frank Cox Park 11.30 P Murphy
Knocklyon b IDLE
15   MMI Cup round 2
Granada v Park Celtic a Meadowvale 11.30 P Brennan
16 Premier
Ballyoulster v Parkvale Loughlinstown Rd 12.30 M Abuzakakouk
Esker Celtic a v Cabinteely a Hermitage Park 12.45 T McGuinness
Knockmitten v Kingswood Knockmitten Park 1.00 M Cullen
Park Celtic a IDLE
16 Div 1
Blessington v Templeogue Crosschapel 11.30 B Coleman
Cabinteely b v Esker Cel b Kilbogget Park 1.00 C Finnegan
Shankill FC v Rathgar FC Shanganagh Park 11.30 I Sheridan
Dalkey Utd IDLE
16   John Giles Cup round 2
Ardmore Rvrs v Broadford Ballywaltrim 1.00 Wicklow Ref
Beechwood a v Lakelands Herbert Park 1.00 J Redmond
Beechwood b v Park Celtic b Herbert Park 11.30 J Redmond
Wicklow   / SDFL Youths
Saturday   3 December
17 Premier
Arklow Town v Terenure Lamberton 11.00 Wicklow Ref
17 Div 1
Ardmore Rvs b v Carriglea Ballywaltrim 1.00 Wicklow Ref
Newtown Utd v Woods Utd Newtown Com Ctr 2.00 Wicklow Ref
St Patrick’s v Mt Merrion Kilcashel 12.00 Wicklow Ref
Sunday 4 December
17 Premier
Beechwood v Aughrim Rgrs Alexandra College 1.00 A Giriks
Dalkey Utd v St James At Hyde Park 10.15 J Dowling
Lakelands v Ardmore Rvs a Leopardstown Park 11.30 K Carolan
Granada a IDLE
17 Div 1
Dundrum Ath v AFC Belgrave Meadowbrook Park 12.45 D Bell
Granada b v Greystones Meadowvale 12.45 J Molloy
Greenhills v Shankill FC Greenhills Park 12.45 C O’Grady
Cabinteely IDLE
18 Premier
Blessington v Wicklow Rvrs Crosschapel 1.00 B Coleman
Dalkey Utd v Arklow Utd Hyde Park 12.00 J Dowling
Granada v Park Celtic Meadowvale 1.00 P Brennan
Terenure v Shankill FC Bushy Park 11.45 A Carey
18   FAI Umbro Youth Challenge Cup
Ardmore Rvrs v Portlaoise People’s Park 1.00 Wicklow Ref

Guided-discovery model – Follow on Youtube

Here are the links to two short videos that describe a decision-action model for soccer.

I believe that you have to incorporate a wide variety of sources and ideas, ones that go far outside the football mainstream when you discuss systems, action and decision making. Here are two short videos that deal with the idea of systems thinking in football, pt.2, systems boundaries – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ee3PFWIwY and pt.4, systems architecture – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSTIOziLEmo. The rapid destruction and creation of sub-systems is due to a well developed sense of situational awareness and a key component in the game.

The DMP series is based on the OODA cycle which is widely used by military, police, fire and tactical decision makers and applied to football. IMO, these ideas help to explain the communication element in the Dutch TIC model.

Blessington FC Xmas Draw

Blessington FC reminds all members, supporters & friends that our annual Christmas Draw takes place in Murphy’s Lounge on Sat. Dec 17th next. Great prizes including €2,000 first prize. Tickets €20 each from any club member. Thanks in advance for your continued support!
Thanks a mil,

SDFL Results for Sat 27th & Sunday 28th

Saturday   26 November
11   Menton-Seery Cup
Dalkey Utd A 4 — 5 Kilcock Celtic A Hyde Park 11.00 M Cullen
Edenderry Town 5 –= 0 Newbridge Town Paddy Maloney Park 11.00 J Doyle
Moone Celtic A 3 — 4 Beechwood Fortfield Park 11.00 G Solen
Mullingar Ath 0 — 3 Tullamore Gainstown 10.00 D Sweeney
12 Norton Cup
Arlington 0 — 2 Edenderry Town A Lea Road 11.00 J MC Donnell
Kilcock Celtic A 1 — 4 Naas Scoil Dara 11.00 G Kidd
13 Troy Cup
Newbridge Town 0 — 1 Rathangan Station Road 11.00 L Carthy
Portlaoise 5 — 1 Enniskerry A Rossleighan Park 12.15 B Conlon
Tullamore 0 — 4 Mullingar Ath Leah Victoria Park 10.45 J Scanlon
14 Goodson Cup
Abbeyleix Ath 3 — 5 James Utd Fr Breen Park 12.00 K Beverly
Edenderry Town 2 — 4 Portlaoise Paddy Maloney Park 12.00 J Doyle
Killavilla Utd H — W Lakelands A Villa Park Roscrea 12.30 E Dynan
Moone Celtic A 3 — 1 Arklow Town A Fortfield Park 12.00 G Solen
Sunday   27 November
11   Menton-Seery Cup
Arklow Town A 4 — 1 Naas A Bridgewater Centre 1.00 Wicklow Ref
12 Norton Cup
Ardmore Rovers 4 — 3 Greystones Utd A Ballywaltrim Park 10.00 Wicklow Ref
Greenhills 2 — 0 Arklow Town A Greenhills Park 1.00 B Coleman
Granada 2 — 0 Knocklyon Meadowvale 11.30 P Brennan
13 Troy Cup
Cabinteely 2 — 3 Rangers Kilbogget Park 11.30 L Wells
Granada v Killavilla Utd OFF
14   Goodson Cup
Rangers 0 — 1 Beechwood A Bushy Park 11.30 P Haybyrne
Saturday   26 November
u7 Don’t X the Line
Ashwood v Knocklyon Ashwood Est 10.15 M Abuzakakook
Brookfield b v Brookfield a Jobstown Park 10.15 S McCahill
Liffey Val X — X Ballyowen Cel Ballyowen Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Postal Ayles v Belmont Andy Moore Park 10.15 A Castillo
Kingswood IDLE
8 Div 1
Ashwood v Railway Un Ashwood Est 11.00 M Abuzakakook
Brookfield a 5 — 1 Parkvale Jobstown Park 11.00 S McCahill
Granada 5 — 1 Clonskeagh Cr Holly Park 10.15 J Dowling
Rathcoole 4 — 0 Blessington Frank Cox Park 10.15 M Moore
Liffey Valley IDLE
8 Div 2
Ballyowen OFF Brookfield b Griffeen Valley 10.15 G Nolan
Castle Cel 2 — 2 Firhouse Beechfield Park 10.15 S Nami
Rangers AFC OFF Belmont Bushy Park 10.15 J Delaney
Wayside Cel 7 — 0 Beech Park Jackson Park 10.15 P Brennan
Donnybrook Jnrs IDLE
9 Div 1
Blessington a OFF Wayside Cel a Community College 10.15 R Gilligan
Kingswood v Granada b Ballymount Park 11.45 A O’Reilly
Liffey Valley 3 — 7 St James At a Ballyowen Park 11.45 T McGuinness
Rathcoole a 8 — 2 Beechwood a Frank Cox Park 11.00 M Moore
9 Div 2
Granada a 2 — 3 Belmont a Holly Park 10.15 J Molloy
Knockmitten v Brookfield Knockmitten Park 10.15 K O’Brien
Newtown Rgrs 3 — 1 Railway Un Farrell Park 10.15 B Coleman
St James At b 1 — 1 Brookview Utd Mt Anville Primary 10.15 J Redmond
9 Div 3
Ashwood 0 — 3 Wayside Cel b Ashwood Est 11.45 M Abuzakakook
Beechwood b 2 — 1 Rathcoole b Royal Hospital 11.45 L Wells
Donnybrook a OFF Blessington b Herbert Park 10.15 M Byrd
Dynamo Dublin v AFC Belgrave Phoenix Park 10.30 B O’Keeffe
9 Div 4
Donnybrook b OFF Adamstown Herbert Park 11.00 M Byrd
Parkvale 0 — 1 Iveagh Trust Rockbrook School 10.15 D Bell
Postal Ayles 0 — 5 St James At c Andy Moore Park 11.00 A Castillo
Cabinteely FC IDLE
9 Div 5
Firhouse 3 — 2 Rathcoole c Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 A Fleming
Granada c 2 — 2 Woods Utd Holly Park 11.00 J Dowling
Wayside Cel c 4 — 3 Beech Park Jackson Park 11.00 P Brennan
Belmont b IDLE
10 Div 1
Blessington a OFF Firhouse a Community College 11.00 R Gilligan
Newtown Rgrs 2 — 3 Granada a Farrell Park 11.00 B Coleman
Railway Un a v Ardmore Rvrs Park Avenue 10.15 C O’Grady
Wayside Cel a 0 — 0 Beechwood Jackson Park 11.45 P Brennan
10 Div 2
Beech Park 3 — 3 Wayside Cel b Beech Park Est 10.15 K Nolan
Blessington b OFF Railway Union b Community College 11.45 R Gilligan
Liffey Valley 1 — 0 Ashwood Ballyowen Park 11.00 T McGuinness
Parkvale a 0 — 1 Brookfield Rockbrook School 11.00 D Bell
Dalkey   Utd a IDLE
10 Div 3
Ballyowen 5 — 5 Granada b Griffeen Valley 11.00 G Nolan
Beechwood b 3 — 3 Adamstown Royal Hospital 11.00 L Wells
Rathcoole a 3 — 1 Tymon Cel Frank Cox Park 11.45 M Moore
St James At a 3 — 0 Parkvale b Mt Anville Primary 11.00 J Redmond
10 Div 4
Castle Cel 7 — 2 Dalkey Utd Beechfield Park 11.00 S Nami
Donnybrook Jn OFF Rathcoole b Herbert Park 11.45 M Byrd
Firhouse b 0 — 1 Cabinteely Firhouse Com Ctr 11.00 A Fleming
Granada c 1 — 0 St James At b Holly Park 11.00 J Molloy
Iveagh   Trust IDLE
11 Div 1
Firhouse a 8 — 0 Adamstown Firhouse Com Ctr 11.45 A Fleming
Granada A 5 — 1 Oatfield Holly Park 11.45 J Molloy
Railway Un a 2 — 1 Liffey Valley Park Avenue 11.00 C O’Grady
Rathcoole 3 — 1 St James At a Frank Cox Park 12.30 M Moore
Granada B IDLE
11 Div 2
Ashwood 1 — 5 Dynamo Dublin Ashwood Est 12.30 M Abuzakakook
Beechwood b 0 — 0 Brookfield Royal Hospital 10.15 L Wells
Blessington a 5 — 1 Kingswood Community College 12.30 R Gilligan
Dalkey Utd b 1 — 1 Postal Ayles Hyde Park 10.15 M Cullen
Greenhills 1 — 2 Cabinteely b Greenhills Park 12.00 D Clerkin
Knockmitten 3 — 4 Granada C Knockmitten Park 11.00 K O’Brien
Railway Un b 0 — 2 Beech Park Park Avenue 11.45 C O’Grady
11 Div 3
Brookview Utd 4 — 0 Granada E St Aidan’s 10.15 A O’Reilly
Cabinteely C 1 — 2 AFC Belgrave Kilbogget Park 11.00 C Campbell
Cabinteely D 0 — 7 Tymon Cel Kilbogget Park 10.15 C Campbell
Firhouse b 0 — 2 Shankill Firhouse Com Ctr 12.30 A Fleming
Granada D 0 — 1 Tymon Bawn Holly Park 11.45 J Dowling
Parkvale 2 — 0 Belmont Rockbrook School 11.45 D Bell
St James At b 1 — 2 Blessington b Mt Anville Primary 11.45 J Redmond
Beechwood c IDLE
12 Saturday div 1
Belmont a OFF Granada c Herbert Park 11.45 S Connolly
Liffey Valley 3 — 2 Dalkey Utd a Ballyowen Park 11.30 C Finnegan
Newtown Rgrs 1 — 1 Beechwood a Farrell Park 10.30 T Shannon
Railway Un a 1 — 7 Ballyowen Cel Park Avenue 12.30 C O’Grady
12 Saturday div 2
Beechwood b 0 — 3 Beech Park Beech Hill Park 10.15 S Connolly
Blessington b OFF Belmont b Crosschapel 10.30 P Meehan
Cabinteely b 1 — 10 Brookview Utd Kilbogget Park 10.30 A Benchenna
Dalkey Utd b 3 — 1 Woods Utd Hyde Park 12.15 M Cullen
Tymon Bawn OFF Railway Un b Brady’s Field 10.15 D Clerkin
Sunday   27 November
12 Premier
Ashwood 1 — 4 Rathcoole Corkagh Park 10.15 D Bell
Firhouse a 2 — 3 Postal Ayles Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 C Finnegan
Park Celtic a 1 — 3 Leicester a Cabinteely Park 10.15 K Carolan
Shankill FC a 0 — 3 Cabinteely a Shanganagh Park 10.15 J Dowling
12 Div 1
Granada b 7 — 0 Leicester b Meadowvale 10.15 J Molloy
Palmerstown R 1 — 2 Knockmitten Mill Lane 10.00 A Castillo
Rangers AFC a OFF Lakelands Bushy Park 10.15 P Haybyrne
St Francis OFF Templeogue Corkagh Park 12.00 P Murphy
Knocklyon a IDLE
12 Div 2
Aungier Cel 7 — 1 Knocklyon b Walkinstown Park 10.30 J Delaney
Blessington a OFF Dundrum Ath Crosschapel 10.15 C O’Grady
Cabinteely c 1 — 12 Harolds Cross Kilbogget Park 10.15 J Redmond
Esker Cel 2 — 1 Broadford Hermitage Park 10.15 M Byrd
Park Celtic b 4 — 1 Rangers AFC b Cabinteely Park 10.15 M Cullen
Firhouse b IDLE
u/13   Tom Meehan Premier League
Liffey Valley 0 — 4 Confey FC Ballyowen Park 10.15 P Murphy
Palmerstown U OFF Esker Cel Glenaulin Park 10.15 M Thompson
Park Celtic a 4 — 0 Clonskeagh Cr Cabinteely Park 11.30 K Carolan
Templeogue 0 — 4 Lakelands a Tymon Park 10.15 A Carey
13 Div 1
AFC Belgrave 3 — 1 Parkvale a Le Fanu Park 10.30 A Fleming
Beechwood OFF Blessington a Herbert Park 10.15 M   Madani
Greenhills OFF Postal Ayles Greenhills Park 10.15 B Coleman
Newtown Rgrs 0 — 1 Knocklyon Farrell Park 10.15 A O’Reilly
Railway Un 1 — 2 Terenure a Park Avenue 10.15 A Benchenna
Rangers AFC b OFF Cabinteely b Bushy Park 10.15 S Nami
13 Div 2
Blessington b OFF Rathcoole Crosschapel 11.30 C O’Grady
Granada b 1 — 3 Shankill FC Meadowvale 10.15 P Brennan
Kingswood OFF Ballyowen Cel Ballymount Park 10.15 D Murphy
Knockmitten 3 — 3 Beech Park Knockmitten Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Lakelands b 1 — 2 Cabinteely c Bearna Park 12.00 A Benchenna
Parkvale b 4 — 1 Park Celtic b Rockbrook School 10.15 S Connolly
Terenure b OFF Dalkey Utd Bushy Park 10.15 M Moore
14 Premier
Cabinteely a 1 — 1 Park Celtic a Kilbogget Park 10.15 L Wells
Dalkey Utd a 2 — 9 Brookfield Hyde Park 11.30 K Kelly
Firhouse a 1 — 1 Granada a Firhouse Com Ctr 11.30 C Finnegan
St James At a OFF Ardmore Rvrs St Benildus’ Coll 11.30 B Hudson
14 Div 1
Beechwood b 0 — 2 Railway Un Herbert Park 11.30 M   Madani
Park Celtic b 1 — 8 Shankill A Cabinteely Park 11.30 M Cullen
Rathcoole 4 – 1 Lakelands b Frank Cox Park 10.15 P Murphy
Shankill B 1 — 10 Granada b Shanganagh Park 11.30 J Dowliing
Firhouse b IDLE
14 Div 2
Cabinteely b 0 — 2 Esker Cel Kilbogget Park 11.30 J Redmond
Dalkey Utd b 2 — 5 Kingswood b Hyde Park 10.15 K Kelly
Knockmitten 4 — 4 Rangers b Knockmitten Park 11.30 T McGuinness
Palmerstown U OFF Templeogue Glenaulin Park 11.30 M Thompson
Parkvale 2 — 5 Blessington Rockbrook School 11.30 S Connolly
St James At b OFF Granada c St Benildus’ Coll 10.15 B Hudson
Beech Park IDLE
15 Premier
Beechwood 2 — 6 Lakelands a Herbert Park 10.15 A Giriks
Knocklyon a 1 — 6 Ardmore Rvrs Ballycullen Park 11.45 A Reynolds
Knockmitten 3 — 1 Blessington a Knockmitten Park 12.00 T McGuinness
Park Celtic a 2 — 1 Firhouse Cabinteely Park 12.45 K Carolan
Templeogue 6 — 0 Cabinteely a Tymon Park 12.45 A Carey
Broadford IDLE
15 Div 1
Ballyowen Cel 5 — 1 Lakelands b Griffeen Valley 10.30 G Nolan
Blessington b OFF Esker Cel Crosschapel 12.45 C O’Grady
Donnybrook 9 — 1 Park Celtic b Beech Hill Park 10.15 I Sheridan
Knocklyon b 8 — 1 Cabinteely b Ballycullen Park 10.15 A Reynolds
Parkvale b 1 — 1 Rathcoole Rockbrook School 12.45 S Connolly
Terenure OFF Granada Bushy Park 11.30 M Moore
16 Premier
Ballyoulster OFF Esker Cel a Loughlinstown Rd 10.30 M Abuzakakouk
Beechwood a 4 — 2 Parkvale Herbert Park 12.15 A Giriks
Kingswood OFF Cabinteely a Ballymount Park 11.30 D Murphy
Lakelands 5 — 3 Knockmitten Leopardstown Park 10.15 C Campbell
Park Celtic a 7 — 2 Ardmore Rvrs Cabinteely Park 12.45 M Cullen
16 Div 1
Beechwood b 2 — 0 Blessington Herbert Park 12.45 M   Madani
Cabinteely b 0 — 11 Broadford Kilbogget Park 12.45 L Wells
Dalkey Utd 2 — 5 Rathgar FC Hyde Park 12.45 K Kelly
Esker Cel b 1 — 1 Shankill FC Hermitage Park 11.30 M Byrd
Templeogue 4 — 1 Park Celtic b Tymon Park 11.30 A Carey
Wicklow   / SDFL Youths
Saturday 26 November
17 Premier
Aughrim Rgrs v Arklow Town Allen Park 2.00 Wicklow Ref
17 Div 1
Greystones 0 — 2 Cabinteely Woodlands Park 1.00 Wicklow Ref
St Patrick’s 1 — 3 Shankill FC Kilcashel 12.00 Wicklow Ref
Ardmore Rvrs b IDLE
18 Premier
Arklow Town 5 — 1 Granada Lamberton 2.00 Wicklow Ref
Arklow Utd v Shankill FC Ferndale Park 2.30 Wicklow Ref
Rathnew IDLE
Sunday   27 November
17 Premier
Ardmore Rvs a 2 — 1 St James At Ballywaltrim 10.00 Wicklow Ref
Granada a 3 — 0 Terenure Meadowvale 12.45 P Brennan
Lakelands 3 — 1 Beechwood Leopardstown Park 11.45 C Campbell
Dalkey Utd IDLE
17 Div 1
Granada b 4 — 4 Newtown Utd Meadowvale 11.30 J Molloy
Greenhills 1 — 1 Carriglea Greenhills Park 11.00 B Coleman
Mt Merrion 0 — 6 Dundrum Ath Rosemount Estate 10.30 J Greenhalgh
Woods Utd 3 — 0 AFC Belgrave Collinstown Park 12.00 D Bell
18 Premier
Park Celtic 0 — 2 Blessington Crosschapel 1.00 P Meehan
Terenure OFF Ardmore Rvrs Bushy Park 1.00 M Moore
Wicklow Rvrs v Dalkey Utd Whitegates 2.30 Wicklow Ref

At last we have a winner – BFC LAST MAN STANDING!

At last we have a winner – congratulations to Mark Donovan for being our LAST MAN STANDING. Mark is a long time supporter of our LMS & believe it or not this is his second win – he had a share in the prize back in Aug 09. The prize money of €890 is on the way to Mark now, nicely in time for Christmas.

Well done again Mark & better to luck to all the rest in future LMS competitions.

Remember to keep checking our Club website www.blessingtonfc.com for regular updates on Last Man Standing

St James U11s 1 v Blessington U11b 2

This was as tight a game as you would expect from the Top two teams in the Division,even if the weather did its best to hamper the game,there was still plenty to enjoy about how the two teams set out to play football on the ground.Blessington had a slow start to this one with St James out the trap and putting all the pressure on the Blesso Defense.But in fairness to the to the boys at the back they dealt with all that was thrown at them in the first period admirably

As the half grew though Blesso started to get a foothold in the game and the missed chances started to pile up.1st Tadgh Miley had a low drive just by the post,followed by Dara Broe Foster and Adam Obannayo both missing good chances.with the game heading for Half time and looking like a nil all.Daragh Broe Foster broke took to players on a drilled a lovely shot under the keeper from just inside the box,the 2nd closely followed for a muddle in the St James rear guard,Adam Obannayo broke and ran at the St James defense beating them he drilled a low cross into the box were Dara Bro Foster connected beautifully leaving the keeper no chance.Just as we thought blesso were cruising St James had a break of their own and from the resulting corner the striker fired a low angled shot across the Blesso keeper 2-1 H-T.

With the weather worsening and the wind swirling around the pitch the second half was a dogged affair with a  lot of the possession and play being in the middle of the Park and chances few.Blesso best chance fell right at the death to Ryan Mulvey who hooked his shot just over the bar.with no more chances created at either end the game end with the same score as the 1st half 2-1.A special mention though has to go to St James who gave Blesso a real test today.Also a mention has to go to the Blesso Defenders who especially in the 1st half mopped up everything.well done guys Conor & Daragh Gilroy Ryan Keogh and Don Halpen

This now takes Blesso’s unbeaten run to 9 games in league & Cup.Great achievement Guys


Tulffarris Xmas Offer

I would like to take this opportunity to extend the attached offer for Dinner Bed and Breakfast of only €59 per person to your staff.

Tulfarris is a 4 star Hotel and Golf Resort situated on the shores of the Blessington Lakes, only a 30 minute drive from Citywest.

I would be extremely grateful if you could pass this information onto your colleagues as I can assure we are well worth a visit.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Kind regards,

Louise Hyland

Sales & Marketing Manager


Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort

Blessington Lakes

Co. Wicklow


Mob:   087 0544545

Ph:       045 867600

Fax:     045 867601

E-Mail:       lhyland@tulfarris.comWebsite:   www.tulfarris.com



SDFL Results Wk 19th & 20th Nov

Saturday   19 November 
u7 Don’t X the Line
Brookfield a X — X Belmont Jobstown Park 10.15 M Moore
Kingswood v Ballyowen Cel Ballymount Park 10.15 A O’Reilly
Knocklyon X — X Brookfield b Delaford Park 10.30 S Nami
Postal Ayles v Ashwood Andy Moore Park 10.30 A Castillo
Liffey Val IDLE
8 Div 1
Blessington 3 — 7 Granada Community College 10.15 R Gilligan
Liffey Valley 0 — 3 Ashwood Ballyowen Park 10.15 M Cullen
Parkvale 6 — 4 Rathcoole Rockbrook School 10.15 S McCahill
Railway Un v Brookfield a Park Avenue 11.00 P Brennan
Clonskeagh Cr IDLE
8 Div 2
Beech Park 1 — 8 Castle Cel Beech Park Est 10.15 K Nolan
Belmont OFF Donnybrook Herbert Park 10.15 J Dowling
Brookfield b OFF Rangers AFC Jobstown Park 11.00 M Moore
Firhouse 4 — 0 Ballyowen Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 B Coleman
Wayside Cel IDLE
9 Div 1
Beechwood a OFF Kingswood Royal Hospital 11.00 S Connolly
Granada b 2 — 3 Rathcoole a Holly Park 10.15 B Hudson
St James At a 2 — 0 Blessington a Mt Anville Primary 11.00 J Redmond
Wayside Cel a 1 — 5 Liffey Valley Jackson Park 11.00 C O’Grady
9 Div 2
Railway Un 2 — 4 Granada a Park Avenue 10.15 P Brennan
Belmont a OFF Newtown Rgrs Herbert Park 11.00 J Dowling
Brookfield 5 — 0 St James At a Jobstown Park 11.45 M Moore
Brookview Utd 5 — 0 Knockmitten St Aidan’s 10.15 J Delaney
9 Div 3
AFC Belgrave v Ashwood Bluebell Road 10.15 T Shannon
Blessington b 6 — 2 Beechwood b Community College 11.00 R Gilligan
Rathcoole b 1 — 0 Donnybrook a Frank Cox Park 10.15 L Wells
Wayside Cel b 0 — 2 Dynamo Dublin Jackson Park 10.15 C O’Grady
9 Div 4
Adamstown 1 — 1 Parkvale Adamstown 10.15 M Abuzakakouk
Iveagh Trust OFF Donnybrook b Phoenix Park 11.15 T McGuinness
St James At c 7 — 1 Cabinteely FC Mt Anville Primary 10.15 J Redmond
Postal Ayles IDLE
9 Div 5
Woods utd OFF Firhouse Collinstown Park 10.15 T Shannon
Belmont b OFF Wayside Cel c Herbert Park 11.45 J Dowling
Rathcoole c 1 — 6 Granada c Frank Cox Park 11.00 L Wells
Beech Park IDLE
10 Div 1
Ardmore Rvrs OFF Blessington a Ballywaltrim 10.30 Wicklow Ref
Beechwood 4 — 1 Newtown Rgrs Royal Hospital 11.45 S Connolly
Firhouse a 1 — 2 Railway Un a Firhouse Com Ctr 11.00 B Coleman
Granada a 1 — 2 Wayside Cel a Holly Park 11.45 B Hudson
10 Div 2
Ashwood 0 — 5 Blessington b Ashwood Est 10.15 K O’Brien
Brookfield 1 — 2 Liffey Valley Jobstown Park 12.30 M Moore
Dalkey Utd a OFF Beech Park Hyde Park 11.00 A Giriks
Wayside Cel b 2 — 1 Railway Un b Jackson Park 11.45 C O’Grady
Parkvale a IDLE
10 Div 3
Adamstown 1 — 0 St James At a Adamstown 11.00 M Abuzakakouk
Granada b 0 — 4 Rathcoole a Holly Park 11.00 B Hudson
Parkvale b 3 — 1 Beechwood b Rockbrook School 11.00 S McCahill
Tymon Cel 7 — 0 Ballyowen Tymonville Est 11.30 D Clerkin
10 Div 4
Cabinteely OFF Castle Cel Kilbogget Park 10.15 C Campbell
Dalkey Utd OFF Granada c Hyde Park 10.15 A Giriks
Iveagh Trust OFF Donnybrook Jn Phoenix Park 12.00 T McGuinness
Rathcoole b 0 — 3 Firhouse b Frank Cox Park 11.45 L Wells
St James At b OFF Wayside Cel d Mt Anville Primary 12.30 J Redmond
11 Div 1
Adamstown 0 — 4 St James At a Adamstown 11.45 M Abuzakakouk
Granada B 0 — 1 Firhouse a Holly Park 10.15 J Molloy
Liffey Valley 2 — 1 Granada A Ballyowen Park 11.00 M Cullen
Oatfield OFF Rathcoole Collinstown Park 11.30 K O’Brien
Railway Un a 1 — 0 Beechwood a Park Avenue 11.45 P Brennan
Dalkey Utd a IDLE
11 Div 2
Beech Park 4 — 1 Ashwood Beech Park Est 11.00 K Nolan
Beechwood b 0 — 2 Blessington a Royal Hospital 10.15 S Connolly
Cabinteely b OFF Railway Un b Kilbogget Park 11.00 C Campbell
Dynamo Dublin OFF Brookfield Phoenix Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Granada C 1 — 2 Greenhills Holly Park 11.00 J Molloy
Kingswood v Dalkey Utd b Ballymount Park 11.00 A O’Reilly
Postal Ayles v Knockmitten Andy Moore Park 11.15 A Castillo
11 Div 3
AFC Belgrave 8 — 1 Granada D Bluebell Road 11.45 T Shannon
Blessington b 8 — 0 Beechwood c Community College 11.45 R Gilligan
Cabinteely D OFF Belmont Kilbogget Park 11.45 C Campbell
Granada E 3 — 2 Cabinteely C Holly Park 11.45 J Molloy
Shankill OFF Brookview Utd Shanganagh Park 10.15 A Benchenna
Tymon Bawn 1 — 3 Firhouse b Brady’s Field 10.15 D Clerkin
Tymon Cel 3 — 1 Parkvale Tymonville Est 12.15 D Clerkin
St James Ath b IDLE
12 Saturday div 1
Ballyowen Cel 3 — 1 Belmont a Griffeen Valley 11.45 G Nolan
Dalkey Utd a OFF Newtown Rgrs Hyde Park 11.45 A Giriks
Granada c 0 — 5 Railway Un a Meadowvale 11.30 A Benchenna
Beechwood   a, LiffeyValley     IDLE
12 Saturday div 2
Beech Park 3 — 2 Brookview Utd Griffeen Valley 10.30 G Nolan
Cabinteely b OFF Beechwood b Kilbogget Park 12.30 C Campbell
Railway Un b 3 — 1 Dalkey Utd b Park Avenue 12.30 P Brennan
Woods Utd OFF Blessington b Collinstown Park 11.00 B O’Keeffe
Belmont   b, Tymon Bawn     IDLE
Sunday   20 November 
12 Premier
Cabinteely a OFF Ardmore Rvrs Kilbogget Park 10.15 J Molloy
Granada a OFF Rathcoole Meadowvale 10.15 B Coleman
Greenhills 3 — 1 Postal Ayles Greenhills Park 12.30 P Haybyrne
Leicester a 5 — 1 Firhouse a Loreto Park 10.15 J Dowling
Shankill FC a OFF Ashwood Shanganagh Park 10.15 C Campbell
Park Celtic a IDLE
12 Div 1
Knocklyon a 6 — 1 Lakelands Ballycullen Park 10.15 M Moore
Knockmitten 2 — 2 Rangers AFC a Knockmitten Park 10.15 T McGuinness
Leicester b 1 — 4 Granada b Loreto Park 11.30 J Dowling
St Francis 0 — 2 Palmerstown R Corkagh Park 10.15 R Gilligan
Templeogue IDLE
12 Div 2
Blessington a 7 — 7 Esker Cel Crosschapel 10.15 C O’Grady
Broadford 2 — 2 Knocklyon b Marlay Park 10.15 K Kelly
Dundrum Ath OFF Park Celtic b Meadowbrook Park 11.30 S Connolly
Harolds Cross OFF Cabinteely c Rosary Park 12.30 D Bell
Rangers AFC b v Aungier Cel Bushy Park 10.15 J Delaney
Firhouse b IDLE
u/13   Tom Meehan Premier League
Clonskeagh Cr 2 — 10 Palmerstown U Meadowbrook Park 10.15 S Connolly
Confey FC 8 — 1 Templeogue St Catherine’s Park 10.15 M Abuzakakouk
Esker Cel OFF Granada a Hermitage Park 10.15 M Thompson
Lakelands a 1 — 3 Rangers AFC a Bearna Park 10.15 A Benchenna
Park Celtic a OFF Cabinteely a Cabinteely Park 11.30 M Madani
Liffey Valley IDLE
13 Div 1
Blessington a 8 — 2 Parkvale a Crosschapel 1.00 K O’Brien
Cabinteely b 2 — 3 AFC Belgrave Kilbogget Park 10.15 L Wells
Knocklyon 2 — 0 Greenhills Ballycullen Park 11.30 M Moore
Parkvale a OFF Blessington a Rockbrook School 10.15 A Fleming
Postal Ayles 1 — 1 Newtown Rgrs Andy Moore Park 10.15 S Nami
Railway Un 6 — 1 Beechwood Park Avenue 10.15 B Hudson
Terenure a 0 — 5 Rangers AFC b Bushy Park 10.30 P Haybyrne
13 Div 2
Beech Park 2 — 2 Ballyowen Cel Griffeen Valley 12.00 M Abuzakakouk
Cabinteely c 0 — 5 Knockmitten Kilbogget Park 11.30 L Wells
Dalkey Utd OFF Park Celtic b Loughlinstown Park 10.15 J Greenhalgh
Kingswood 5 — 4 Blessington b Ballymount Park 10.15 A O’Reilly
Parkvale b 8 — 0 Lakelands b Rockbrook School 11.30 A Fleming
Rathcoole 3 — 1 Granada b Frank Cox Park 10.15 G Nolan
Shankill FC OFF Terenure b Shanganagh Park 11.30 C Campbell
14 Premier
Dalkey Utd a OFF Ardmore Rvrs Hyde Park 10.15 P Brennan
Firhouse a 2 — 1 Park Celtic a Firhouse Com Ctr 11.30 A Carey
Granada a OFF James United Meadowvale 11.30 B Coleman
Rangers a 4 — 0 Brookfield Bushy Park 11.30 J Delaney
St James At a OFF Beechwood a St Benildus’ Coll 11.30 A Giriks
Cabinteely a IDLE
14 Div 1
Beechwood b 3 — 1 Park Celtic b Brickfields 10.15 B Hudson
Firhouse b 1 — 4 Rathcoole Firhouse Com Ctr 10.15 A Carey
Granada b OFF Lakelands a Meadowvale 11.30 M Cullen
Lakelands b 9 — 0 Shankill B Leopardstown Park 10.15 J Redmond
Railway Un 1 — 0 Shankill A Park Avenue 11.30 B Hudson
14 Div 2
Blessington 1 — 2 Rangers b Crosschapel 11.30 C O’Grady
Granada c OFF Dalkey Utd b Meadowvale 10.15 M Cullen
Kingswood b 2 — 1 Beech Park Ballymount Park 11.30 A O’Reilly
Knockmitten 3 — 0 Palmerstown U Knockmitten Park 11.30 T McGuinness
St James At b OFF Esker Cel St Benildus’ Coll 10.15 A Giriks
Templeogue 6 — 2 Cabinteely b Tymon Park 10.15 A Castillo
Parkvale IDLE
15 Premier
Ardmore Rvrs OFF Templeogue Ballywaltrim 10.15 Wicklow Ref
Broadford 1 — 3 Knockmitten Marlay Park 1.00 K Kelly
Cabinteely a OFF Blessington a Kilbogget Park 1.00 L Wells
Firhouse 3 — 0 Beechwood Firhouse Com Ctr 12.45 A Carey
Knocklyon a 1 — 2 Park Celtic a Ballycullen Park 12.45 M Moore
Lakelands   a IDLE
15 Div 1
Blessington b 4 — 4 Knocklyon b Crosschapel 12.45 C O’Grady
Cabinteely b OFF Terenure Kilbogget Park 11.30 J Molloy
Esker Cel OFF Ballyowen Cel Hermitage Park 11.30 M Thompson
Lakelands b 0 — 5 Granada Leopardstown Park 11.30 J Redmond
Park Celtic b OFF Parkvale b Cabinteely Park 10.15 M Madani
Rathcoole 3 — 3 Donnybrook Frank Cox Park 11.30 G Nolan
16 Premier
Ardmore Rvrs OFF Ballyoulster Ballywaltrim 11.45 Wicklow Ref
Esker Cel a OFF Lakelands Hermitage Park 1.00 M Thompson
Knockmitten 1 — 2 Park Celtic a Knockmitten Park 12.45 T McGuinness
Parkvale 2 — 3 Cabinteely a Rockbrook School 12.45 A Fleming
Beechwood   a, Kingswood     IDLE
16 Div 1
Beechwood b 3 — 2 Esker Cel b Brickfields 11.30 B Hudson
Broadford 3 — 1 Blessington Marlay Park 11.30 K Kelly
Cabinteely b OFF Park Celtic b Kilbogget Park 12.45 J Molloy
Dalkey Utd OFF Shankill FC Hyde Park 11.30 P Brennan
Templeogue 3 — 3 Rathgar FC Tymon Park 11.30 A Castillo
Wicklow   / SDFL Youths
Saturday   19 November
17 Premier
Aughrim Rgrs 7 — 2 Beechwood Allen Park 2.00 Wicklow Ref
18 Premier
Rathnew OFF Blessington Shamrock Park 2.00 Wicklow Ref
Sunday   20 November
17 Premier
Dalkey Utd OFF Ardmore Rvs a Hyde Park 1.00 P Brennan
Granada a OFF Arklow Town Meadowvale 12.45 M Cullen
St James At 1 — 4 Lakelands St Benildus’ Coll 1.00 A Giriks
Terenure IDLE
17 Div 1
AFC Belgrave v Newtown Utd The Lawns 12.15 C Finnegan
Carriglea OFF Cabinteely Soldiers & Sailors 10.30 I Sheridan
Dundrum Ath 0 — 8 Greenhills Meadowbrook Park 12.45 S Connolly
Mt Merrion OFF Greystones Rosemount Estate 10.30 D Bell
Shankill FC OFF Ardmore Rvs b Shanganagh Park 12.45 C Campbell
Woods Utd OFF St Patrick’s Collinstown Park 10.30 K O’Brien
Granada b IDLE
18 Premier
Ardmore Rvrs OFF Arklow Utd People’s Park 1.00 Wicklow Ref
Granada OFF Dalkey Utd Meadowvale 12.45 B Coleman
Park Celtic OFF Shankill FC Cabinteely Park 1.00 M Madani
Wicklow Rvrs 6 — 2 Terenure Whitegates 2.30 Wicklow Ref

Blessington U11B 8 Beechwood 0

This was by far Blesso strongest performance of the season,with some of the football played especially played in the 1st half as good as you would see at any age level,The players can feel very proud of this performance as they came up against a Beechwood team who had only lost 2 games all season and we well organized and very physical.

Blesso came out the traps very quickly today and never really letting  up for the whole of the game,Tadgh Miley and Daragh broe Foster especially have to come in for some praise as they were immense today with 4 and 3 goals respectively ( not bad for midfielders) as Andy Gray would say Take a Bow Son ,Take a Bow!!!

Blesso pressed the game high up the pitch and played alot of expansive football to breakdown a resilient Beechwood defense.The 1st goal soon game with a lovely sweeping move between 5 players lead to Tagh Miley grabbing his 1st,the second was a superb individual effort with Tadgh grabbing the ball in the middle of the park he drove at the Beechwood defense and dribbled past 4 players before sliding low past the keeper,Tadh then went onto grab a 1st half hat trick with another lovely finish from another sweeping Blesso move involving no fewer than 5 players.By this time Beechwood were finding it hard to keep up with Blesso pace, their pass and move football and inter changing of positions was making it difficult for the opposition to pick up players.It came as no surprise when the 4th came just before half time even if the goal itself was a little surprising in itself.after a fine save from the Beechwood keeper a corner followed.Dara bro foster  scored directly from the resulting corner kick,(Fluke! maybe,maybe not),This is Daraghs second goal from a corner kick in 4 games and he has hit the post from one to (not bad eh!)

The 2nd half for long periods was a more even affair,with Beechwood showing great determination to their credit and if not for the Blessington goal keeper Ian Coughlin could have scored 2 goals.On two seperate occassions Beechwood found themselves one on one with only the keeper to beat,but were thwarted both times by some fining keeping.After this though Blesso again took the game by the scruff of the neck and Adam Obannayo made it 5 with a nice low drive from the edge of the box.another lovely move from Blesso resulting in some lovely inter play between Cian McCarthy and Eoin Cavanagh led to our 6th with a tap in for Daragh Broe Foster,Daragh soon followed up Blesso 7th and his hat trick with another lovely low drive from edge of the box.with only minutes to go Tadgh Miley saved the shot of the match and our 8th till last.Beechwood were in attack with broken down by he blesso defence Donnache Halpen played the ball upto Ryan Mulvey who stopped and turned the ball to oncoming Cian Mc carthy,Cian ran deep with the ball and layed off a lovely pass to Tadgh miley who bent a lovely curling shot from the edge off the box leaving the keeper with no chance.

Lastly Blesso would like to thank all who attended the match from Beechwood they were a credit to their club and to the game of football in general,Beechwood supporters and coaching staff  applauded all our goals and play, their coach came over to tell our kids how well he thought they played,Fantastic stuff!

This truly was a memorable performance and the kids and parents  should be very proud of their achievements this year.

Blessofc team; Ian Coughlin,Daragh Gilroy,Conor Gilroy,Ryan Keogh,Tadgh Miley,Tadgh Barrett,Adam Obannayo,Daragh Broe Foster,Ryan Mulvey,Patrick Cunningham,Finn Harney,Eoin Kavanagh and Cian Mc Carthy