Academy Monthly Review

With 4 weeks under its belt since starting back on the 16th September it’s about time for a quick update on life at the Academy

2 new coaches (David Gilmore and Conor Hogan) have joined us in recent weeks and they’ve been a great addition to the existing setup. They’ll be attending the FAI Kickstart 1 course in December so this will add further depth of knowledge to the strong platform that already exists within the team.

We will also have the pleasure of welcoming 2 students from Transition Year in the Community college, who’ve asked us if they could join us for couple of weeks in order to gain some real-world experience as part of their work experience module. Spending a couple of Sunday mornings running around after 50 or more 4-6 yr. olds doesn’t get any more real-world than that!

This season we also floated the idea of Academy training kits to the parents and this was greeted with an extremely positive response. On the first morning that we presented a sample kit, we took over 40 orders and at the moment we currently have almost 50 kits pre-ordered. The kit can be viewed here and ordered directly through the academy. The new Club wristbands also continue to sell well and the funds from these, will go towards the kitting out of the 2013 graduating team.

Last weekend saw over 50 kids participate across the 3 ages groups and some additional queries by potential new players would seem to indicate that numbers are due to increase even further. These numbers are as a direct result of the hard work and dedication given by all the coaches in the academy and let’s hope it continues right throughout the remainder of the season.


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