BFC Draw – Result

Hi All

Please see below our draw for tickets for both Ireland matches against Sweden and Kazakhstan. All tickets can be picked up at our Managers meeting on Wednesday night 4th September, 8pm at Crosschapel.

Sweden Match Team Tickets
Johnny Devoy u15’s 3
Shane Daly u14’s 2
Zach Harney u10’s 2
Tadhg Murphy u12’s 2
Matt Callinan u9’s 2
Gerry Odemwege u14’s 2
Ryan Keogh u13’s 2
Thomas O’leary u12’s 2
Edon Bytyqi u15’s 2
Cian McCarthy u13’s 2
Jimmy Duncan u10’s 2
Robert Bytyqi u15’s 2


Kazakhstan Match Team Tickets
Patrick Foley u9’s 3
Daire Clarke u13’s 2
Paddy Brady u12’s 2
Tadhg Barrett u13’s 2
Conor Gilroy u13’s 2
Pat Cunningham u13’s 2
Dara Broe Foster u13’s 2
Conor Kirkman u8’s 2
David Barton u14’s 2
Paddy Scholfield u15’s 2
Emma Downes u11’s 2
Eoin Kearney u8’s 2

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