BFC Notice – Blessington Youth Project (BYP).


On Wednesday 24th September 2014, we saw the launch of a new and very welcome initiative in our Community, Blessington Youth Project (BYP).

The main focus of this project is to create an environment in the community where young people can grow up safely, without fear and feel loved, respected and part of the community.

One of the main aims of the group will be the prevention of early alcohol and illegal drug abuse.

BYP co-ordinators see sport as one of the many tools that can be very effective in obtaining these goals. The Blessington community groups are united and committed to ensure that BYP is a success and we at Blessington AFC are delighted to be a part of this new initiative.

We are also looking for the support of our members, parents and friends to get behind this Project and help make it a success in our community. If you feel you would like to get involved in helping out in anyway with this project, please contact us. As always many hands make light work.

There will be various seminars and events over the course of the next 24 months, so please keep a close eye on our website where these events will be posted.

“Together Everyone Achieves More”


BFC fixtures for weekend 27th/28th Sept.

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Please find all BFC fixtures for the weekend 27th and 28th September  by clicking on link below.

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BFC Fixtures

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Notice to all BFC Managers – Silent Sideline Workshop

Too often in kid’s sports adults, parents and coaches become overly vocal in their
approach to working with young athletes. However well intentioned some of them
may be, the results are not always positive. With a Silent Sideline Weekend, the
coaches, parents and spectators are asked to keep talking to a bare minimum on the
sidelines. One coach from each team will be given the task to instruct (not during
the game), whilst everyone else watches on in silence.
Supporters are allowed to clap to show their enthusiasm but the adults are
restricted from coaching their kids from the sideline. This is a weekend when kids
can make decisions for themselves, without having adults shout 5/6 different
instructions at them. When adults scream from the sidelines they’re not just
invading the children’s play time, they’re preventing children from learning the game
in a natural manner.
With the sidelines quiet, players have the chance to make their own split-second
decisions on the pitch and learn by them. Instead of being distracted by the stream
of noise that usually exists, the kids on the pitch get the opportunity to
communicate with one another, deciding who will take the throw ins, the goal-kicks,
free-kicks or the corner kicks etc. This also gives them time to think and focus on
what they are about to do.
The focus of the weekend is not to take the atmosphere out of the kids’ game but
instead try and encourage less coaching from the line. It’s about educating adults
that screaming at children whilst they play sport is wrong. We want every youth
team in Ireland in organised leagues in every sport to conform to the ‘Silent sideline
weekend.’ I know not everyone is going to agree with the idea, but one thing is for
sure the kids absolutely will.
You can be sure that one population that also favours the silence is the referees.
They will love this, and I’m sure they would love to have it every weekend!!!

What’s Expected from Participants?
• Let the kids play.
• All clubs, codes can get involved.
• If the opposition aren’t willing to participate, no don’t worry we can learn so
much from observing them.
• Clubs to manage this initiative internally.
• Club should select 2 sideline keepers to reinforce a positive and silent
attitude on the line.
• Each club should have a silent sideline ambassador.
• Absolutely NO shouting or directing from the sidelines.
• Coaching staff to speak to players at halftime and when making changes
• Clapping & cheers allowed for goals scored and effort for both sides.
• No directing or advice from adults at anytime.
• Absolutely no questioning of referee in charge of game at anytime. (If
required call official over).
• Rope the pitches and provide a designated area for parents. (Stand back and
• Kids voices are all we want to hear on match day.
• Lollipops are a fun way of helping people to stay silent!

Going forward we need less coaching and directing from the line. Encourage, Praise,
Clap and Cheer. It’s really important that we allow the kids to take control of their
game. I see it all the time, where parents/coaches go over the entire game and
point out the child’s mistakes. Not even adults like to hear about the things they did
wrong and children are not different.
Kids need praise not criticism. Providing feedback on what he/she did wrong
or expressing your disappointment in their play is NOT what they need to hear and
will only serve to make a painful situation much worse. Support and encouragement
does NOT mean that you coach from the sidelines. In fact, the WORST THING that
you can do as a parent/coach is to continually “give instruction” from the sidelines.
‘Let the kids play’
If you would like to support the campaign, you can sign up via
the websites or
alternatively you can email

Silent Sideline Workshop (3)


BFC Results for 20th/21st September

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Please find all BFC results for the weekend 20th and 21st September  by clicking on link below.

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BFC Fixtures

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Blesso U12’s triumphant over Brookfield

Blessington U12B’s emphatic win over last season’s league champions.

Blessington U12B’s recorder a 4-1 win over Brookfield Celtic. Going into the game on the back of a heavy defeat at the end of last season to the raining Div3 league champions and with just 11 players on the day they started really well dominating the early exchanges with Jamie Melia and Lee Cullen up front causing the defence constant problems. The chances continued to come, Patrick Doyle heading close from a corner. The deadlock was final broken by Max O’Dwyer after good play from Lee Cullen and Richie Flynn, Max received the ball just inside the box and looped a fine shot with his left foot over the keeper to put Blessington into a deserved lead.

Brookfield responded well and just before halftime they broke down the middle only for the onrushing Blessington keeper Andrew Stokes to save superbly followed by an excellent clearance by Tom Ramsey who was ever present on his first game at centre back. Brookfield hit Blessington again on the break at the start of the 2nd half to equalise but Blessington dug in and continued to dominate the game with the defence stand strong when needed Sean Anderson and Adam Coyne breaking play up on both wings. Blessingtons 2nd came from a defensive clearance by Patrick Doyle pick up in the middle by Gavin Tighe who whipped the ball out to the right wing to Darragh Quinn who raced  forward and unleased an unstoppable shot from the edge of the box into the top corner, 2-1. Soon after it was 3-1 following great work from Lee, Richie and Max, Max was bundle over in the box for a penalty which Gavin dispatched into the bottom left hand corner. Gavin made it 4-1 again after great work from Darragh, Lee, Richie and final Jamie who laid it into Gavin’s path to curl a shot past the keeper and it could have been more as Richie had a great effort saved and Lee raced onto a through ball just to be beaten by the keeper taken a heavy knock in the process which really show the fight spirit that is growing in this team.  A great team effort all round as the tough pre-season really showed as Blessingtons fitness told in the final quarter of the game.

Team: Andrew Stokes, Adam Coyne, Darragh Quinn, Tom Ramsey, Sean Anderson, Max O’Dwyer, Patrick Doyle, Gavin Tighe, Richie Flynn, Lee Cullen, Jamie Melia

Blessington U12B



BFC Fixtures for weekend 20th & 21st September

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Please find all BFC Fixtures  for the weekend 20th and 21st September  by clicking on link below.

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BFC Fixtures

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Blesso U16’s triumphant against Terenure

Blessington U16A 3-2 Terenure U16A Sun 14th September

The opening day of the season proved to be a fruitful one for Blessington U16A against a strong and dogged Terenure team. It did not start well for the Blessington lads however as within the first 25 minutes they were down 2-0. Up to that point Terenure did indeed have the better of Blessington but eventually Blessington settled down.

The five man midfield of Jack Allen, Paddy Schofield, Niall Bray, Jonathan Devoy and Gary Walsh from then on were effective in stopping the advancing Terenure team and within a few minutes, a combination of passed between Niall Bray and Gary Walsh set Sean Mescall up with a chance which he confidently slotted home. Blesso were back in the game. Terenure 2 Blesso 1.

The Blessington back line of David Bird, James Jackson, Robert Bytiqi and captain Deirmuid Nugent stood up to the Terenure attacks well after the Blesso goal and looked more and more comfortable as the half wore on, as too did stand-in goal keeper Adam Cooney who stood in for the injured Conor Harper for the first half.

At half time Ciaran Mescall was introduced and Adam Cooney moved to right back with David Bird in the centre allowing James Jackson to put on the gloves for the second half.

If most of the first half belonged to Terenure, the majority of the second half belonged to Blessington.

Blessington started the second half well, moving the ball around magnificently using the full width of the pitch. Gary Walsh worked hard on the right and often got the better of his opponent on what was a warm day indeed. On the left too Ciaran Mescall used the space well and was served well by the central midfield pairing of Paddy Schofield and Niall Bray who both looked skilful and confident all game.

It was during one of these passages of play, with intricate passing movements that the ball eventually arrived at the feet of Ciaran Mescall who with a fabulous strike beat the keeper and the ball finished in the back of the net.

Despite this setback for Terenure they never gave up and did have a number of chances from set pieces but all ended up wide. There were another one or two balls through the middle also which were cleared by the on rushing Blesso stand in keeper for the second half James Jackson who looked comfortable between the sticks.

The last twenty minutes it was all Blessington as the Terenure lads visibly tired from their efforts. The Blesso lads seemed to get stronger as the pre-season fitness regime introduced by new coach Andy Howard benefited them and they were visibly the fitter team at the finish. It was obvious that fitness was indeed an issue as the Blesso lads were allowed more and more time on the ball and created a number of chances at the end. As time went on a draw looked more and more likely but with just a few minutes to go the ball broke to Sean Mescall who calmly moved the ball left and right to set himself up and slotted the ball home from about twelve yards.

Blessington defended very well in the second half and a special mention must go to Robert Bytiqi who playing out of position had a very good game as too did Adam Cooney playing on the right. The centre back pairing of Deirmuid Nugent and David Bird were solid all half. Jack Allen was tireless and as a defensive midfielder who looked busy and more confident as the game wore on. A special mention must go to Gary Walsh who had a great game and should be praised for his battling second half performance.

BFC Fixtures for weekend 13th & 14th September

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Please find all BFC Fixtures  for the weekend 13th and 14th September  by clicking on link below.

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BFC Fixtures

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FAI-BFC Summer Camp Survey – Win tickets to Ireland match

To All Parents

This is just a quick email in relation to the 2014 FAI Summer Soccer Schools.

We would firstly like to thank you for your participation in the program and we hope you and your children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We would like to ask you for your feedback in order to maintain the high standards of the camps and learn more about the experience of our customers.

This year we experienced a summer full of great football, great weather and a record number of children on the camps showing off their skills.

Anyone who completes the survey in full will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a complimentary place on a Summer Soccer School of their choice in 2015 and there will be a draw for a Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) to and Ireland international at Aviva Stadium.

This competition will close on the September 12th and the two winners will be notified by email on or before the September 19th.

Below is the link for the survey

Thanks again and as always we are grateful for your participation and hope to see you all again next year.

Kind Regards

BFC Fixtures – including Friendlies

Weekend 2nd – 7th September
·         Can you put this on the site and inform all managers who wish to play a friendly in Crosschapel to contact me before arranging.
·         Best times for friendlies are
o   Monday
o   Wednesday
o   Friday
o   Saturday Morning (Sat senior league matches usually at 2pm)
o   Sunday (Sun senior team league matches usually at 11am)
·         Tuesday and Thursday’s should be kept for training if possible. The senior teams plus a couple of underage teams are using the facility on these nights.
·         Area to be cleared of cups, plastic bottles , etc and dressing rooms to be cleaned after home and away teams.
·         Referee, Chris O’Grady at 0872581391, has no problem travelling to Crosschapel

 Important Notes: 
·         Pitch 1 is nearest dressing rooms. 
·         It is the home managers responsibility to ensure that all warm-up and cool-down exercises are ONLY done on the training pitch. Please let opposition manager know.
·         Please sweep the dressing rooms after your game.

See fixtures by clicking link below :