Blessington FC 2014 Summary – Thanks to everyone

To All Manager Players and supporters

2014 has been a great year for the club, with 15 teams playing in the SDFL, two Senior teams also battling it out in the Leinster Leagues the numbers in our club continue to grow.
We have also had another successful year in our academy with approx 40 kids turning out weekly to be put through their paces.

I think the real success for this year has been our pitches at Crosschapel, with no grants made available, all work completed relied purely on fundraising, so if you participated in our Xmas Raffle, LMS or Race Night. THANK YOU!!
All funds from these events allowed us to complete further work in August just in time to host our first FAI Summer Camp, which turned out to be a great success with approx 130 kids participating.
These pitches have held firm throughout a wet Autumn/Winter and the measure of success can be seen in the amount of games our teams have played compared to our rivals in the leagues,
Blessington FC have only had to call off one weekend due to conditions while most of our teams now have played twice as many matches as our competitors,
Well done to everyone who managed to get this much needed work completed, special thanks goes to Mark Sheehy for overseeing this project and Lee Brennan who looks after our grounds weekly so masterfully.

As mentioned above the Summer Camp success has totally outweighed our expectations and convinced all this should now be a yearly event, we look forward to seeing all in August 2015

Success: Clubs will measure their success at the end of season by silverware won, we at Blessington FC believe the real success is in the numbers continually playing football for our club, 250 kids registered 50 Seniors and 40 kids in the academy we also have 40 managers/coaches who give up their time freely to ensure the future of the club remains in good hands,

So for all the reasons above 2014 has been a fantastic year and we at Blessington Football Club would like to thank all the Managers, Coaches and Players for your support of our club,
It only leaves me to give a special thanks to all the parents and supporters alike, for without you we really would have none of the above, your support has allowed us to put in place a plan to give the best facilities to kids in our area.


Tommy on behalf of Blessington FC Committee

Blessington FC Mid Year Standings:

Well Done to Cian McCarthy and Daragh Broe Foster for making the SDFL representative leagues, this is proof that our club has the tools in place to provide kids the best chance to compete at the highest level.
U8s – U11s leagues start in January ( non competitive)
U12 A Div 1 leaders
U12B Div2 2nd Place
U13B Div2 2nd Place
U13A Div3 Mid table
U14s Div1 Mid table
U15A Div2 Mid table
U15B Div2 Mid table
U16A Div2 Mid table
U16B Div2 Mid table
Senior Sun 3rd Place
Senior Sat Mid table


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