The Future of Blessington Football Club

Update on public meeting held in Blessington 27 th January regarding the upcoming motion to re allocate lands in action area 3 to Blessington FC .
Over 330 adults/ children play on a weekly basis as part of Blessington FC , we cater for kids from the greater Lakeside area. At present we have use of 2 locations the community college and cross chapel ( our small sided teams and academy play at the college ) and eleven a side play in Cross chapel .
Both are under threat cross chapel is on licence for another 11 years however we don’t have access to any sports grants because it’s only licence and facilities are not up to standard. This is located 3km outside the town.
The college is at breaking point with the amount of kids enrolling every year and as confirmed at the meeting plans are imminent to expand ! Where do the small sided teams play then ?
We have been allocated council land beside Avon ri however there are issues ;
No access
Topography is not suitable for pitches (huge dip in the land)
Cost of levelling the ground is unrealistic for the club

What we are asking for is a re allocation of lands within the area ( not one inch extra) , this land will have access and is suitable for sports.
At every council and general election we have been promised support this is your chance to make good on your promises. We have had a generation looking for this DO NOT leave another generation of kids in Blessington out in the cold !

We then heard there was a planning report : this actually contains what ifs and maybes it does not categorically say this cannot be done without impinging on the other allocations , what we do know is that construction in Blessington will be determined in the future by Irish waters stance there is no timeframe ; there is a timeframe on kids futures this is a red herring.

Please see attached email addresses of the 32 Councilllors: We ask you to take time and email these to show BFC your support: remember “Together Everyone Achieves More”




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