BFC Fixutes for 16th through to 20th April

 Please see attached fixture list for website and pitch allocations for weekend;


Saturday 16th April 2016
No Game
Sunday 17th April 2016
U14A                     Pitch 2 @ 10:30
U15                        Pitch 1 @ 10:15
U16                        Pitch 1 @ 11:45
U17A                     Pitch 1 @ 13:15
U17B                     Pitch 2 @ 12:45
Monday 18th April 2016
U13B                     Pitch 2 @ 19:00
Tuesday 19th April 2016
U15                        Pitch 1 @ 19:00
Wednesday 20th April 2016
U17B                      Pitch 2 @ 19:00

Reminder to all managers;
·         Pitch Fork available to repair major divots, please use
·         Please clean dressing rooms after your game
·         Last manager to lock dressing rooms and gates
·         NO WARM UP / DOWN on pitches. Please use training area and let opposition teams know

 Pitch 1 is nearest the dressing rooms.
  For all away ties why not click here to see if pitches are playablePitch Updates



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