All managers responsible for cleaning the home and away dressing rooms after their game.

Pitch area to be cleared of cups, plastic bottles, etc.

Please see attached fixture list for website and pitch allocations for weekend;

Thursday 12th May 2016
U17A                     Pitch 2 @ 19:00

Saturday 14th May 2016
U13 Sat                 Pitch 1 @ 12:00
Sen Sat                 Pitch 2 @ 14:30

Sunday 15th May 2016
U16                        Pitch 1 @ 10:15
U17B                     Pitch 1 @ 12:00
Sen Sun                Pitch 2 @ 11:00

 Reminder to all managers;
·         Pitch Fork available to repair major divots, please use
·         Please clean dressing rooms after your game
·         Last manager to lock dressing rooms and gates
·         NO WARM UP / DOWN on pitches. Please use training area and let opposition teams know

 Pitch 1 is nearest the dressing rooms.
  For all away ties why not click here to see if pitches are playablePitch Updates



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