tournaments 2017 SV Nevelo, Oisterwijk (Holland)

All Managers

Please see upcoming tournament in Holland

My name is Maikel Verhagen. I’m the coordinator for international youth soccer tournaments of SV Nevelo. Our club is based in Oisterwijk in Holland (25 kilometers from Eindhoven).
Last May we had tournaments with 72 teams in total out of 6 countries. They came from Denmark, Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

For next year we already received signings out of the 6 same countries but also out of Scotland and Wales. There is even some serious interest out of Sweden and Spain.
This is the tournament calender for 2017:
Saturday May 13 : girls U14 / U15 (2003 / 2002)

Saturday May 13 : girls U16 / U17 (2001 / 2000)
Sunday May 14 : boys U12 / U13 (2005 / 2004)
Saturday May 20 : boys U8 (2009)

Saturday May 20 : boys U9 (2008)
Sunday May 21 : boys U10 (2007)

Sunday May 21 : boys U11 (2006)
Saturday June 3 : boys U14 / U15 (2003 / 2002)

Saturday June 3 : boys U16 / U17 (2001 / 2000)


We already received 6 signings and reservations out of Ireland :

U10 (1x)

U11 (1x)

U12 / U13 (1x)

U14 / U15 boys (1x)

U14 / U15 girls (1x)

U16 / U17 girls (1x)
At this moment I’m looking for Irish squads for the following tournaments:

Saturday May 20 : boys U8 : 2x

Saturday May 20 : boys U9 : 2x

Saturday June 3 : boys U16 / U17 : 1x
Some details of our tournaments.
– Every tournament has an opening ceremony. All the teams will be presented to the audience and all the national anthems will be played.
– Every tournament has a tight schedule. This means play – rest – play – rest etc.
– We will probably use 3 pitches. Every team plays on all 3 pitches so you can have a good look at our sports ground. We only have real natural grass.
– The tournaments for U8 till U13 all have 12 teams divided in 2 groups. Every team plays 7 matches from 15 minutes (5 group matches and 2 (semi)finals). Total playing time 105 minutes.
– The tournaments for U15 and U17 will probably have 6 teams. Every team plays 5 matches of 20 minutes. Total playing time 100 minutes.
– For both girls tournaments (May 13, 2017) we already received signings out of Holland, Belgium, Germany and Ireland (!)


About the costs:
– there is NO entrance fee
– foods and drinks can be bought in our clubhouse for reasonable prices
– we can help you finding an affordable accommodation (hotel, hostel, group accommodation, vacation park)
– most of the teams fly with Ryanair to Eindhoven that has its own (small) airport, Eindhoven is just 25 km from Oisterwijk, this is an easy and cheap solution for travelling to Holland
– we can help you finding an affordable bus and taxi company
– for a possible day off (before or after the tournament) we can help you finding a nice amusement park, zoo etc.
– for the football die hards (🏻) we can help you finding another football tournament for the day before or after our own tournament.

I’m very curious if you are interested in one of our tournaments. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Thank you in advance.

Maikel Verhagen
Coordinator international youth soccer tournaments SV Nevelo
Tel. nr. +31.6.15132760


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